This time the post will be a little bit different. If you don’t like emotional posts, just skip it.

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3 Korean Words a Day #11

Since the last post was about rainbow bridge, let’s change category to colors for a while! When the category changes it doesn’t mean it won’t appear again, so don’t worry!

Theme for today: colors

빨강                 red

녹섹                 green

푸른                 blue


– ppal      – gang                red

– nog        – saeg                 green

– pu         – leun                  blue


Have a beautiful day! Even though it’s raining here… Rain can be beautiful too, you know? 😉


Rainbow bridge

Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo was built by Kawasaki Heavy Industries in 1987-1993. It’s a suspension bridge. There are lamps placed on the wires supporting the bridge, which are illuminated into different colors using solar energy obtained during the day. The illumination changes in color depending on events, days and hours for the enjoyment of viewers. Nice, isn’t it? While drivers can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Tokyo’s waterfront area and the night scene, people can cross the bridge on the walkways open to the public for free.

3 Korean Words a Day #10

Theme for today: family

이모              maternal aunt (mother’s sister)

고모              paternal aunt (father’s sister)

삼촌              uncle


– i     – mo                       maternal aunt

– go     – mo                    paternal aunt

– sam       – chon           uncle


See ya!

Tokyo Tower

Today we’re changing a theme for a little. Let’s go to Japan!

A while ago I’ve found a very old animation and, since I got really emotional, decided to write about main point of it- Tokyo Tower. As you can probably tell, it’s located in Tokyo. To be more precise, Shiba-koen district of Minato. The tower is not only observation type, but also communications type. If you watch anime, you know about Fuji TV, right? Eventually the broadcasting function was mostly taken away by Tokyo Skytree.
The tower was completed in 1958. The structure is inspired by Eiffel Tower. It’s 333m high and got 16 floors. Cool, isn’t it?



Tteokbokki is a very popular korean snack. It’s made from rice cake, fish cake and sweet red chilli sauce. There are many variations, and people tend to add more and more ingredients to make this dish even more amazing. It’s usually being sold on the streets, so it seems everyone in Korea can try it. It actually looks pretty simple, doesn’t it?