3 Korean Words a Day #8

It’s gonna be a little bit more complicated. The way girls and boys call their siblings is kinda specific. And I’m gonna say something more about it. As for what I know, most of the people just call brother or sister by name and that’s totally ok. The words hyeong, oppa and so on are often used to call someone older then you, paying them respect. What I’m trying to say, is that you can call someone “older brother (or sister)” even if you’re not related and it’s fine, it’s more like a common word to address people ^^ I will talk about it some more in a different post, now let’s go back to the words!

Theme for today: family

형               boy’s elder brother

누나           boy’s elder sister

형제           sibling


– hyeong                            boy’s elder brother

– nu    – na                    boy’s elder sister

– hyeong    – je            sibling


See you next time!



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