This time the post will be a little bit different. If you don’t like emotional posts, just skip it.

I love rain. I love storm. I love clouds. So, my favorite season is autumn or early spring. I don’t really like summer or winter.

Quite normal, right? I’m calm when it rains. I love the clear sky only at night, I can watch stars for hours.

But there are times when I really enjoy good weather, sun, jumping around, laughing and being foolish. Happy and energetic or calm and dreaming? Those two options are mixed in one person.

But lately I feel like something has changed.

The two sides are being torn apart.

One wants to hug, be with someone. The other wants to scream and be alone in the universe. Which one is real? None… or both?

Balance. Drowning in feelings. Balance. Hyper. Balance. Crying.

Endless circle.

The identity stolen by world.

Have you experienced something similar? Then sometimes, you could think that you can’t take it anymore. “Why do others think that they have the right to complain about me if they don’t know my story?”. You start to fight the world. And to be honest, no one knows who’s winning.

Being torn apart. Are you destroying yourself? Then stop. Don’t you think that everything around trying to crash you is enough? I don’t know who I am. But I’m searching for the right path. And I’m curious what will happen if I find one.

“Pull yourself together” Yeah, I’ll do that. Just tell me how.

I’m listening to the very pleasant piano melody. Writing, studying, thinking. Trying to solve the puzzle. Living.

Even though you might think ‘what the heck is that all about’ I don’t mind at all. I’ll just leave this post here. Have a good day. Find the right path. Live. Your story is the most important in the world. You’re writing it yourself after all. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a happy ending?



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