Simply 可愛い

I was thinking about something for quite some time. Difference between like and love. Difference between hobby and passion. What are they exactly?

Let’s go back in time. Lots of my friends used to watch Dragon Ball or Pokemon when we were small. Me too of course. We didn’t know that they are made in Japan and to be honest, who cares about what country the cartoon is from as a child. But that little thing could lead to an interest in other country’s culture. And that’s good thing, right?

I hear more and more people saying “I love Japan!”. The problem is, there are people who say “No, you don’t!”. Sometimes I just simply laugh. Do I really have to be precise about what I love about the country and why? It’s the same when it comes to people, loving someone doesn’t mean loving everything about the person.

It’s not up to other people to decide what your feelings are. Be true to yourself and you’ll be happy. You can say that you love animals. You can say that you only like them. It’s your opinion and it’s nothing wrong.

The thing about hobby and passion is easier to understand for me. If you say that you like foreign language and know only a few words, everything is fine. But if you say that your passion is foreign language, but you know almost nothing about it and do nothing to gather some information, something is wrong. In my opinion passion is like a boost to expand your knowledge. You should have a certain feeling towards what you’re doing, right?

And don’t you think that passion kinda evolves from a hobby? Like Pokemon!

Yeah. So that’s what I wanted to share today. I’m curious about what you think about it. Have a good day everyone!




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