Qigong 氣功

I’ve been writing more about Korea and Japan, but this time I want to share something new with you.

I’ve been reading some books recently, and China is very interesting country. But I wanted to know more before I post something ( I’ve been interested in Korea and Japan for much longer). What made me write about qigong is the name, since I recognised the characters. Well, I’m kinda lucky, since I was learning Japanese and my friend is learning Chinese, so we could share some knowlegde while talking.

The first character “氣” (qi) in the traditional Chinese,  could be translated as “breath”, “air”, or “gas”, “material energy”, “life force”, or “energy flow”. The other one is “功” (gōng), it means accomplishment, power, achievment. You can also see it  in the word “功夫” (Kung Fu). Qigong literally translates as “Life Energy Cultivation”. So it’s like an art to balance the life energy.

What is it about? The easiest way to explain it is that it’s meditation while moving. You have to coordinate your slow movements, keep a rhytmic, deep breathing, be calm and stay in meditative state of mind. According to philosophy, it will help you develop your true potential.

So, I guess you have to feel it!

Right now people practice it not only in China but also around the world, mostly for recreation or martial arts training. It’s also connected to medicine, some people practice it for health benefits. But I think that the original philosophy should never be lost, am I right?




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