I created this category to talk freely about what I like right now ^^ Or share some stories 😉

The topics for today! : Polish Day in Seul, tea and more tea, poems

First of all, I’m so happy about the Polish Day in Seul!

The Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Korea would like to invite everyone to enjoy: “Polish Day” at the Cheonggye Plaza on May 1st 2016 from 10am~5pm.

People will be able to learn more about Poland. I’m curious if they will be surprised about Polish language, it’s soooo difficult! But it will be very interesting since Korea and Poland are totally different. I’m excited!

One of the best things from Asia is green tea. I stopped drinking it for a while, but I’m at it again. As you probably know, there are many kinds of green tea. The one that I’ve been drinking recently is called “gunpowder”. You should definitely try it!


The last thing that I wanted to talk about today are poems. Long time ago I got a very special book for Christmas. As a child I didn’t pay much attention to it. I wasn’t very intrested in poetry nor language back then. The book is called “anthology of modern Japanese poetry”. The book contains not only information about poetry, but also compilation of many many poems that are totally great. The best thing about it, is that next to the translations, there are original poems in Japanese. Right now, when I can understand the meanings, I see that they point out perfectly how the modern world works. It’s hard to describe it, but I think it’s definitely worth checking out.


That’s it for today. Bunch of random things right? See you soon, have a wonderful day everyone!



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