NoelKreissYou either love or hate Final Fantasy. The one I was playing recently is Final Fantasy XIII-2. Well, I wanted to get it for a long time, but I wasn’t quite sure, ‘couse the demo version wasn’t so amazing, and I had high expectations for the game.

I was lucky enough to find a really cheap one in the used games store. It was in perfect condition, so I thought, why not?

The game itself is very original. It could be confusing at first, but for me, it’s only for good. I like it when the storyline is complicated. You can go to the different locations in the order you want, the only condition is for you to open the timegate before. What is interesting, is that what the characters say is pretty much based on which location have you already visited.

And the beginning of the game throws you right into the battle with final boss. Nice, huh? Crazy stuff.

So yeah, you are the time traveler. And you have to save the world. And find Lightning. It’s not an easy job, is it? But hey, Noel is strong. And Serah becomes stronger and stronger during the game. Those two main characters create an awesome combo :3

As for lvl’ing up, in Noel’s case, I focused on commando. In Serah’s case, I focused on ravager. The main setup that I use for battle is Noel – commando, Serah – ravager, monster – medic. The other one that I use mostly to weaken the enemy is Noel – commando, Serah – saboteur, monster – commando. For the boss fights, I use the second setting first, and than quickly change to the first one. It’s pretty much effective.serah

I was kinda panicking at first, becouse I started on normal mode, not an easy one. But it turned out that playing on easy mode would be just plain boring. But I guess it’s good for people who get lost easily and didn’t play a game like this before.

The only thing that annoys me, is that the game sometimes slows down, you can’t go any further if you don’t find an item. Endless searching for everything is making the game loose some of its dynamics. Searching takes twice as long, becouse monsters are appearing all the time, and you can’t look for the things you need in peace, and that, sometimes makes me turn off the console. But… I’m always coming back xD


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