Misako Aoki – cuteness overload.

I was searching for something to read and look what I found. An old article in the Otaku magazine (summer issue, 2012). To be honest I heard about this girl, but I don’t know why I haven’t read this article back then.

I’ll explain it as simple as possible, Misako Aoki is the ambassador of cuteness. Japan’s Kawaii Ambassador. And you know what? It’s official! Cool, right?


The thing that I like about her is that she’s not only a model, ambassador and president of the Association of Japanese Lolitas, but she works as nurse as well. Misako has traveled to many countries to promote japanese pop culture. She’s smart, caring and cute. What else do you need to like her? xD Well, she also relased a book “Aoki Misako no Kawaii Kakumei” which translates to “Misako Aoki’s Kawaii Revolution”.

As for some personal information, she was born 15th may 1982 in Chiba prefecture.

I highly recommend checking out her blog, instagram account, and facebook page.


I think that Misako Aoki is a very interesting and hard working person. You can tell by reading the interviews, from Tokyo Rebel for example.

Q. Do you still see yourself wearing lolita ten years from now?

A. Yes! Even if I grow older, I’d like to wear kawaii fashion.

Q. In Japan, is there an age that someone can be considered too old to wear Lolita?

A. Some might stop (wearing Lolita)… I don’t think there is any age limit. I’d like to wear Lolita even after becoming a grandmother.


Haha, wouldn’t it be awesome to see a lolita grandma? You can read a full interview HERE, make sure to read it! It’s short and very simple πŸ™‚

In the short interview from Otaku magazine, she tells fans that even if there aren’t any shops where you can buy lolita style clothes, it only means that’s the chance for you to be creative and make an awesome, very original look by mixing your own art skills and the items you can find in store. Don’t be afraid and show your fashion to the world!

The world is not always good. But together we can make it more colorful and full of smile πŸ™‚ Let Misako Aoki be an inspiration to you at least for today! πŸ˜‰




Otaku Magazine 8/2012 “kalejdoskop mody”







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