Koharu Sugawara – perfection.

I can’t lie, I’m obviously in love with her. She’s a dancer/choreographer and her dancing skills are just on another level. You should definitely check out all of her videos, especially if you are interested in dancing. The way she moves is amazing, smooth and always on point.

Koharu Sugawara was born  on February 14th, 1992. She started dancing at the age of 10, and it turned out to be her way of life.

I am dancing to this day, under the belief that dance can be stronger than words. – Koharu Sugawara

At the age of 18 she flew to Los Angeles where she formed her own unique dancing style. Koharu’s style is still evolving, she’s getting better and better, and I don’t know how is it even possible!

She won multiple dance contests (well, it’s not surprising at all), such as “DANCE ATTACK” and “SHONEN CHAMPLE”, currently she’s taking part in the Mnet’s show “Hit the stage” alongside Taemin from SHINee, for whom she created an awesome choreography for his japanese solo debut. She worked with famous artists before as well, for example 2NE1 (the choreography for falling in love caught huge attention), Girls Generation, Kumi Koda, Crystal Kay, and many more.

She’s a very hardworking person. Koharu flies around the world to teach at dance workshops and can also be seen in advertisements for big name international brands and also in fashion magazines, since she’s a very pretty woman. You probably saw her in the Nike campaigns.

She just relased a DVD with a photobook titled “Sugar Water” too! Unfortunately, it’s difficult to buy outside of Japan. But if you have a chance, be sure to check this out and support the dancer!

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