3 Korean Words a Day #14

Last one in the colors category!

Theme for today: colors

보라색            purple

에메랄드        emerald

터키석            turquoise


– bo    – la   – saek                                   purple

– e    – me    – ral    – deu                  emerald

– teo     – ki    – seog                               turquoise


3 Korean Words a Day #13

Theme for today: colors

화이트               white

검은                    black

담홍색                pink


화 – hwa    – i    – teu

– geom    – eun

– dam    – hong     – saek

3 Korean Words a Day #12

It’s been a long time since I last posted something. But guess what, I’m back 🙂 And I’m back with another set of words! Enjoy! I’m planning something nice after the few posts from this category ^^ But let’s go back to the words for today!

Theme for today: colors

오겐지           orange

갈색               brown

황색               yellow


– o   ren  – ji                orange

– kal     – saek                  brown

– hwang    – saek            yellow


Have a nice day!

3 Korean Words a Day #11

Since the last post was about rainbow bridge, let’s change category to colors for a while! When the category changes it doesn’t mean it won’t appear again, so don’t worry!

Theme for today: colors

빨강                 red

녹섹                 green

푸른                 blue


– ppal      – gang                red

– nog        – saeg                 green

– pu         – leun                  blue


Have a beautiful day! Even though it’s raining here… Rain can be beautiful too, you know? 😉


3 Korean Words a Day #10

Theme for today: family

이모              maternal aunt (mother’s sister)

고모              paternal aunt (father’s sister)

삼촌              uncle


– i     – mo                       maternal aunt

– go     – mo                    paternal aunt

– sam       – chon           uncle


See ya!

3 Korean Words a Day #9

Another set!

Theme for today: family

오빠                  girl’s elder brother

언니                  girl’s elder sister

동생                  younger brother/sister


– o     – ppa                           girl’s elder brother

– eun     – ni                         girl’s elder sister

– dong    – saeng                 younger brother/sister


See ya!