Vocabulary – summer!


Summer is here! So I thought of learning some words related to the sunny weather ❤

Korean words related to  여름(yeorum) – summer, here we go!

태양  (taeyang) – sun

휴가 (hyuga) – vacation

바다 (bada) – sea

바닷가 (badasga) – beach

물 (mul) – water

친구 (chinku) – friends

비키니 (bikini) – bikini

아이스크림 (aiseukeurim) – ice cream

What else reminds you of summer? 😉



Flashcards, artist, designer


Today I wanted to make a little announcement and reveal what I’ve been working on. I want you to welcome a really nice collaboration: gekon+luna! Luna is an artist that recently started her own fanpage and blog. I’m helping her with all of the IT stuff, editing photos and so on. So she agreed to help me with something nice for you all!

So here is my gift for you, flashcards! It’s easier to learn looking at the pictures, right? You can view the pictures here, or print it. I prepared pdf file ready to be printed! You can download it >here<

I decided to upload the black and white version, so you can color the pictures by yourself!

To be fair: feel free to use it and share BUT remember that me and Luna created this for you for free and to share the joy of learning the language so don’t remove the blog name from the cards. Thank you very much and I hope that it’ll be a great help for you all!

Tell me what you think about it! And tell me if you want something like this for different words, different category.

See you again today, ‘couse another 3 Korean Words a Day is coming!

Bye, Gekon