It’s not kawaii… But kowai?

I finally made myself a bracelet! It looks like some folk kind of stuff. And I like it 🙂 I’m not good at making things, but this time I’m very pleased with the effect! And the materials weren’t expensive. Well, it was sooo easy to make xD But the simple things are often the nicest 😉



3 Korean Words a Day #13

Theme for today: colors

화이트               white

검은                    black

담홍색                pink


화 – hwa    – i    – teu

– geom    – eun

– dam    – hong     – saek

3 Korean Words a Day #12

It’s been a long time since I last posted something. But guess what, I’m back 🙂 And I’m back with another set of words! Enjoy! I’m planning something nice after the few posts from this category ^^ But let’s go back to the words for today!

Theme for today: colors

오겐지           orange

갈색               brown

황색               yellow


– o   ren  – ji                orange

– kal     – saek                  brown

– hwang    – saek            yellow


Have a nice day!

3 Korean Words a Day #11

Since the last post was about rainbow bridge, let’s change category to colors for a while! When the category changes it doesn’t mean it won’t appear again, so don’t worry!

Theme for today: colors

빨강                 red

녹섹                 green

푸른                 blue


– ppal      – gang                red

– nog        – saeg                 green

– pu         – leun                  blue


Have a beautiful day! Even though it’s raining here… Rain can be beautiful too, you know? 😉